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Kayıt: 16.05.2005
İletiler: 1239
Konum: Eldorado

İletiTarih: Cum Oca 13, 2006 10:22 pm    İleti konusu: SCULLY QUOTES Alıntıyla Cevap Gönder
From: Tuba The Ripper (xxtubaxx) 5/6/2003 5:40 am
To: ALL (1 of 1)

"The cruelest ironies are those consecrated by the passage of time, chanced and occasioned by shocking discovery. I had joined Agent Mulder on the X-Files because of my background in the medical sciences. My assignment was to question his work, to debunk his investigations, and to reign him back into the FBI mainstream. Now, as fate would have it, I am calling on these very same skills to prove that he has been the target of a scheme orchestrated by someone close to us in the FBI. Someone we have trusted above all others, involved in a highly organized plot to keep a dangerous secret from the light of day." --Redux

"I have few short hours to conduct these tests before I must appear before an FBI panel to explain myself. And as I am ready to lie to them about Agent Mulder, I am also ready to confront them with proof--proof extracted from this tiny organism--that could blow open a conspiracy of global consequence."--Redux

"If my work with Agent Mulder has tested the foundation of my beliefs, science has been and continues to be my guiding light. Now I'm again relying on its familiar and systematic methods to arrive at a truth, a fact that might explain the fate that has befallen me. An investigation that began without, now turning within."--Redux

"If science serves me to these ends, it is not lost on me that the tool with which I've come to depend on absolutely cannot save or protect me, but only bring into focus the darkness that lies ahead."--Redux

"That would mean that for four years we've been nothing more than pawns in a game...that it was a lie from the beginning."--Redux

"Mulder, these men....You give them your faith, and you're supposed to trust them with your life."--Redux

"It's got to happen. Everything in my life depends upon it."--Redux

"All lies lead to the truth. Isn't that right?"--Redux

"What I have here is proof undeniable that the men who gave me this disease were also behind the hoax. A plot designed to lead to Agent Mulder's demise and to my own, planned and executed by someone in this room. What I have here is scientific evidence."--Redux

"Mulder, if I can save you, let me. Let me give at least some meaning to what's happened to me."--Redux II

"I think that everybody here has their heart in the right place, but I need it to be *my* decision."--Redux II

"Have you ever witnessed a miracle, Dr. Zuckerman?"--Redux II

"I fight, and I fight, and I fight...but I've been so stupid."--Redux II

"I've come so far in life on simple faith, and now when I need it the most, I just push it away."--Redux II

"I must remind you that this goes against the Bureau's policy of male and female agents consorting in the same hotel room while on assignment."--Detour

"Mulder, we're in Western Florida. The closest thing to primitive down here is living in a beachfront retirement condo."--Detour

"I identified with Betty's bustline."--Detour

"You know, Mulder, sometimes I think some work on your communication skills wouldn't be such a bad idea."--Detour

"What would that be filed next to? The cockroach that ate Cincinnati?"--Detour

"Maybe if it rains sleeping bags, you'll get lucky."--Detour

"When I was fighting my cancer, I was angry at the injustice of it and its meaninglessness, and then I realized that that was the struggle--to give it meaning; to make sense of it."--Detour

"There has to be a scientific explanation for this."--Detour "Is there anything that you *don't* believe in, Mulder?"(işte bunu çok sevdim.)--Post Modern Prometheus

"Several months ago, I learned that as a result of my abduction--of what they did to me--that I cannot conceive a child....I just never realized how much I wanted it until I couldn't have it."--Christmas Carol

"To be honest, I've started to question my priorities since I was first diagnosed with cancer, and I feel like I've been given a second chance."--Christmas Carol

"Ever since I was a child, I never allowed myself to get too close to people. I've avoided emotional attachments. Perhaps I've been so afraid of death and dying, that any connection just seemed like a bad thing--something that wouldn't last. But I don't feel that anymore."--Christmas Carol

"I don't believe in fate. I think we have to choose our own path."--Christmas Carol

"It begins where it ends--in nothingness. A nightmare born from deepest fears coming to me unguarded. Whispering images unlocked from time and distance. A soul unbound, touched by others but never held, on a course chartered by some unseen hand. The journey ahead promising no more than my past reflected back upon me until at last I reach the end--facing a truth I can no longer deny. Alone...as ever."--Emily

"I can protect her too."--Emily

"I am a medical doctor, and the decisions that I make are reasonable and right."--Emily

"Do you think that I don't want what's best for this child? Do you think that I'm not trying to save her life?"--Emily

"Mulder, whoever brought this child into this world didn't intend to love her."--Emily

"You were right. This child was not meant to be."--Emily

"Who are the men who would create a life whose only hope is to die?"--Emily

"I'm on vacation."--Chinga:)))))))))))))

"I was hoping for something a little more helpful."--Chinga

"New England hospitality. Heard about it all my life....Finally got a chance to experience it for myself."--Chinga

"I've been thinking that maybe we need to explore other possibilities....Well, maybe we need to keep our minds open to extreme possibilities."--Chinga

"That looks like something out of Jules Verne. We're suppose to eat that?"--Chinga

"Mulder, are there any references in occult literature to objects that have the power to direct human behavior?...Um...like a doll, for instance?"--Chinga

"Oh, I don't know. I think some things are better left unexplained."--Chinga

"And what was your role in this? Were you the bass player?"--Killswitch (hııı hıı hı)

"Your name is Esther Nairn?"--Killswitch

"Oh, right. Death from above."--Killswitch

"Aren't you worried it's gonna track you down, Esther? Hunt you down with its particle beam?"--Killswitch

"Did anyone think to check his email?"--Killswitch

"I didn't do the...with the thing!"--Bad Blood

"Tonight? I just put money in the Magic Fingers!"--Bad Blood :)))

"Hoo-boy!"--Bad Blood

"If there's a point, Mulder, please feel free to come to it."--Bad Blood (süperrrr:))

"Anyway, I was drugged."--Bad Blood (kıh kıh kıh :)))))))))))))))))))))))

"It's not that Mexican goat-sucker either."--Bad Blood:))

"Yee-haw."--Bad Blood (bunu mulder dememişmiydi?)

"What do you mean you want me to do another autopsy? And why do

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ice queen

Kayıt: 20.01.2006
İletiler: 44

İletiTarih: Cmt Oca 21, 2006 2:05 am    İleti konusu: ........... Alıntıyla Cevap Gönder
scully:mulder,i can't kid myself.people live with cancer.they carry on and so will i.you know i have got things to finish,to prove to myself,to my family,but for my own reasons...[memento mori]

you have my files and you have my gun.don't ask me for my trust.

En son ice queen tarafından Çar Şub 15, 2006 12:01 pm tarihinde değiştirildi, toplamda 1 defa değiştirildi.
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Saha Ajanı
Saha Ajanı

Kayıt: 18.01.2006
İletiler: 357
Konum: METU

İletiTarih: Cmt Oca 21, 2006 9:38 pm    İleti konusu: Alıntıyla Cevap Gönder
--if this is the truth that you've been looking for then what's got to believe???
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amor fati
Özel Ajan
Özel Ajan

Kayıt: 18.01.2006
İletiler: 443

İletiTarih: Çar Tem 19, 2006 7:03 pm    İleti konusu: Alıntıyla Cevap Gönder
Gethsemane ve Scully'nin bu bölümde döktürdükleri...(ıngilizce yazdım afedersiniz ama çeviri yapacak akdar ingilizcem yok.)

"Four years ago, Section Chief Blevins assigned me to a project you all know as the X Files. As I am a medical doctor with a background in hard science, my job was to provide an analytical prospective on the work of Special Agent Fox Mulder, who's investigations into the paranormal were fueled by a personal belief that his sister had been abducted by aliens when he was 12. I come here today, four years later, to report on the illegitimacy of Agent Mulder's work. That it is my scientific opinion that he became over the course of these years a victim. A victim of his own false hopes and of his beliefs in the biggest of lies." -Gethsemane

"What I couldn't tell Agent Mulder, what I had only learned myself, was that the cancer which had been diagnosed in me several months earlier had metastasized. And the doctors told me, sort of a miracle, it would continue to aggressively invade my body, advancing faster each day toward the inevitable."-Gethsemane

" Hey, look, just because I haven't bared my soul to you(Bill Scully Jr.), or to Father McCue, or to God, it doesn't mean that I'm not responsible to what's important to me!"-Gethsemane (Burada kendi için önemli olan şeyin ne olduğu da açık da kalır ya...)

"He (M. Kritschgau) said that the men behind this hoax... behind these lies... gave me this disease to make you (Mulder) believe"-Gethsemane (Scully burada çekip gider ya Mulder'ın içine pis veren bu olay zaten Mulder'ı da ağlatır.Haklı ama Scully) (tamam bir scullyst'im taraf tutuyorum Smile)

"Agent Mulder died late last night from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head."-Gethsemane (Burada GA nasıl oynamaktadır, o nasıl bir yetenektir, olağanüstü bir kişilik misindir, neyse...)
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Saha Ajanı
Saha Ajanı

Kayıt: 21.07.2006
İletiler: 363
Konum: in the land of oz

İletiTarih: Cmt May 12, 2007 7:46 am    İleti konusu: Alıntıyla Cevap Gönder
"....as long as you are beset by the haunting illness which I saw consume your beautiful mind" - the sixth extinction

"How can I reconcile what I saw with what I know?" - the sixth extinction

"In the source of every illness lies its cure." - the sixth extinction

"...He is not dying. He is more alive than he has ever been. He is more alive than his body can withstand and what's causing it may be extraterrestial in origin" - the sixth extinction

"....I need you to hold on...." (mulder a tabiki =) ) - the sixth extinction
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364 SaD SaM
Müdür Yardımcısı
Müdür Yardımcısı

Kayıt: 13.07.2006
İletiler: 983
Konum: istanbul

İletiTarih: Cmt May 12, 2007 10:20 pm    İleti konusu: Alıntıyla Cevap Gönder
"Just because I can't explain it, doesn't mean I'm gonna believe they were UFOs.." ---> Deep Throat

"The answers are there.You just have to know where to look." ---> Pilot

"The truth is out there.But so are lies.." ---> E.B.E

edit: Unutmadan,,, "Loneliness is a choice.." ---> Milagro
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